1968 Beechcraft V35ATC Bonanza

Registration no. N7956MSerial no. D-8823


Rare Bonanza - This One's a Turbo

Seller location

Nampa, Idaho, United States

Aircraft location

Idaho, United States

Airframe & Propulsion

Airframe Total time

4200 hours

Airframe Description

Flown Weekly

Engine 1 hours

94 hours SMOH


Make: McCauley / Model: 2A36C82-T-FG / Serial # 731477
2044 SPOH on 2-Blade Constant Speed Hot Prop by Tiffin-Aire, Inc. of Tiffin, OH (FAA CRS # DTXR341D)


Flight rules

Instrument Flight Rules

Navigation equipment

KMA-20 Audio Panel w/ 3-Light Marker Beacons
King KR-85 ADF (not installed but comes with sale)
Apollo GX-60 IFR-Approach-Certified GPS-Com w/ Pilot's Panel-mounted Course Deviation Indicator (CDI)
King KX-175B TSO 720 Channel Nav-Com #2 w/ VOR, Localizer & Glideslope (ILS)
King KX-170B 720 Channel Nav-Com #3 w/ VOR & Localizer
Stratus ESGi Transponder w/ Encoding Altimeter, ADS-B In & Out. Higher freq band. Communicates via WiFi with Foreflight on IPAD.
Century III Autopilot coupled to GPS & Nav-1 w/ Altitude Hold & Glideslope Coupling (STC # SA1035WE)

Additional equipment

With Engine Overhaul, the Airplane Received: New Mags
New Fuel Pump
New Vacuum Pump
All New Hoses
New Motor Mounts
Prop Governor Gone Through
Rebuilt Turbocharger
New Alternator
New Gami Injectors
New D-Shannon Baffle Kit
Tail Rebalanced and Cable Checked and Tightened to Factory Specs
Total Dollars Spent on New Engine, Annual and Maintenance Improvements in 2018 was Approx. $74,584

New in 2019 & 2020: Battery
Landing Gear Retraction Gears
Landing Gear Motor Rebuilt
New Left Wing Bladder
New Main Battery & New ELT Battery
Beryl D'Shannon Products STC'd 'Tail Safe' Support Angles & Spar Stub on the Root Rib of the Horizontal Stabilizer as per the Smith Speed Conversion Drawing List # 1006. (STC # SA1649CE & SA1650C)
Beech Stabilizer Reinforcement Kit # 35-4016-75 installed in October 1997
JPI EDM 730 Engine Analyzer
Horizon's International Digital Tachometer with Hour Meter
Aero Safe 'Guardian 1' Electric Standby Vacuum System (STC # SA4835SW) (not installed)
Electric Pitch Trim
Aileron Trim
Vernier Throttle, Prop, & Mixture Controls
FlightCom Portable 2-Place Voice-Activated Intercom System Hardwired for Pilot & Co-Pilot Positions
Dual USB and Dual 12-Volt Auxiliary Power Ports for charging cell phones, iPads, portable GPS, etc.
Pilot's Foul Weather Window
Pilot's Ram's Horn Yoke, 'Autopilot Quick Disconnect', 'Push-to-Talk', & 'Map Light' Switches
Instrument Post Lights
'Alternator Out' Warning Light
'Glideslope Coupled to Autopilot' Annunciator Light
Cabin Dome Light
Outside Air Temperature Gauge
Brackett Air Filter
Rosen STC'd Articulating Tinted Sunvisors (STC # SA3599NM)
Polished Spinner
Clear Protection Tape on Leading Edges of Wings and Ruddervators
Wingtip Strobe Lights
Overhead Fresh Air Valves
Prop De-Icer Amperage Gauge
'Map Caddy' Console between Pilot & Co-Pilot Seats
Exhaust Crossover Sealing Bellows replaced with Knisley Exhaust Systems, Inc. Sealing Bellows P/N 720-2000 G95 FFI (Stainless Steel) using Self Locking Nuts. (FAA Form 337 dated 8-29-96)
200 hours since Engine & Propeller Dynamically-Balanced with Chadwick-Helmuth's 192-A I/A/W Publication AW-9511-2.
Beech SB 2668R1 (Tail Control Rod Inspection & Mod to Corrosion Proof Tail Control Rods c/w in October 1997
Comes with a Full Set of Cold Weather Covers for the Wings, Tail, Prop, Cabin & Engine.
Factory Oxygen with Large 115 cu. ft. Bottle
Tip Tanks, Total Fuel 120 Gallons

Interior & Exterior

Number of seats


Interior Condition

Medium Blue velour interior upholstery Light Gray velour piping on Beech high-back seats with 'Beech V35A-TC' embroidered headrests.
Light Gray Vinyl Side-Panels Medium Blue Carpeting Light Tan Seatbelts The Optional Rear 5th Seat is Covered in Light Gray Vinyl

Interior Year


Interior Score


Exterior Condition

Professionally stripped, etched, alodined, & painted with Imron Paint via the Dupont Process in October 1997.
Dupont 'Imron' Paint Base: Matterhorn White (# 6538N) Major Trim: Metallic Blue (# G8064U) Minor Trim: Light Gray (# 71537U)
Still Very Presentable but has Various Chips and Slight Oxidation in Some Spots

Paint Year


Paint Score



Damage history

All Logs Complete Since New
Hard landing in 1996. Repaired with factory new parts. The engine had a bottom overhaul and the prop was also replaced at that time. Fully repaired & professionally documented. Hard landing also in November 2019; Left wing damaged; replaced and professionally installed.

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