2006 Aviat A-1B Husky

Registration no. N719MASerial no. 2375


An IFR, new-wing Husky with a fresh annual and ready to go! A Garmin 530W/VM1000 engine monitor, Garmin 340, Garmin 330ES ADSB Out transponder, vacuum system & gyros. Options include a baggage door, aft stowage (with L&R doors), Reiff Engine Heater, Gate 9 Oil Temp Control, L&R landing/taxi lights, 26” Goodyear “Tundra” tires, 80” Hartzell Top Prop, upswept wingtips, the Munson sliding left side window, and the same 2200 Lb. GTOW as early Husky A-1C’s. A PowerFlow Tuned Exhaust system has also been installed giving it about 15HP more at the prop along with MUCH BETTER cabin heat for those cold weather flights. New mags installed about 50 hours ago.
Some D/H repaired by the Aviat factory 15 years ago.

Seller location

McAllen, Texas, United States

Aircraft location

McAllen, Texas, United States

Airframe & Propulsion

Airframe Total time

575 hours

Engine 1 hours

575 hours SNEW


Lycoming O-360-A1P
180 HP | 2000 TBO
SNEW: 575
235 Since Teardown Inspection for Prop Strike

80" Hartzell Top Prop
SPOH: 235 (August 2018)


Flight rules

Instrument Flight Rules

Navigation equipment

Comm: Garmin 530W
Nav: Garmin 530W
GPS: Garmin 530W (IFR Certified for Enroute, Terminal and Approach)
Nav/GS/GPS Indicator: Garmin GI 106A
Audio Panel/Markers/Intercom: Garmin 340
Transponder: Garmin 330ES- Extended Squitter (ADS-B Out) w/ 1 year warranty
Altitude Reporter: Ameri-King
Full Vacuum System and Gyros
ELT: 121.50 Ameri-King AK-450 with Voice Communication Capability
Astrotech Electronic Chronograph
Instantaneous VSI
Electronic OAT Gauge- JPI Instruments (Digital)
Pilot and Copilot PTT Switches
Aux Power Plug- Mini Plug
Music Input Jack
Aux Power Plug- Cigarette Lighter Type Receptacle
Engine Instrumentation - VM 1000 with Analog and Digital Displays of Engine Parameters

Additional equipment

530 Upgraded to WAAS
ADS-B w/ freshly upgraded Garmin 330 transponder w/ 1 year warranty
26" Goodyear Tundra Tires
Powerflow Tuned Exhaust System ($6000) for more power, SB= N/A
Challenger Air Filter
Vernier Mixture Control
Metal Wemacs
PowerFlow Tuned Exhaust System
Challenger Air Filter
Vernier Mixture Control
Metal Wemacs
SGS Kit Installed
Right Side Baggage Compartment Door
Garmin 330ES Transponder just installed- ADS-B Compliant + 1 yr warranty from Garmin
Aft Stowage with L & R Access Doors
Pulse Light System
Upswept Wingtips
Munson Sliding Left Side Window
Left/Right Hand Landing and Taxi Lights
26” Goodyear Tundra Tires
Polished Prop Spinner
Whelen Strobes and Nav Lights
Fiberglass Engine Cooling Lip
Aircraft Lifting Rings (for float installations)
Front and Rear Seat Inertial Reel 5 Point Harness
B&C Oil Filter
60 Amp Alternator
Overhead Night Lighting
Aviat Service Letter #3 Installed- 2200# GTOW (like an A-1C, up from 2000# on a std A-1B)
50 Gallons Useable Fuel
797 Lbs. Useful Load

Interior & Exterior

Number of seats


Interior Condition

Standard Black Fabric Front and Rear Seats with Oregon Aero Form-Fitting Seat Foam. Varnished Teak and Holly Wood Floors in the Pilot and Baggage areas.

Interior Year


Interior Score


Exterior Condition

Modified Competition Paint Scheme- Boston Maroon upper, Insignia White Lower, Black Trim Stripe. Hangared since new. Excellent condition

Paint Year


Paint Score



Inspection Status

IFR Due: May, 2024

Inspection Expiry

Mon, Apr 1, 2024

Damage history

Prop Strike 15 Years Ago

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